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Secret Key to a Healthy Millionaire Series – Fiction
Business & Strategy

Immortal Aryans
A Road Less Travelled
Written By: Suniel
Strength, Wisdom & Passion - Mantra for Successful life

This fiction is dedicated to
All the daredevil & enterprising souls
To instill courage and develop attitude.
Strength, Wisdom & Passion - Mantra for Successful life
This is a young, hip, adventurous, savvy and enlightening story of a raw teenage boy blossoming into a thriving and noteworthy man. Remember, this fiction is a chronicle of his experiences of learning, wisdom and knowledge.

To achieve great success and to become a healthy millionaire you require dedication, attitude and discipline besides hard work of course. Conventionalists believe there are no weapons other than hard work and patience that would bring you the glory and earn you the fortune.

Passion for your work is equally essential for the eternal satisfaction & happiness if the above points are adhered with. Success and wealth would chase you and not the other way round. How beautifully Aamir Khan gives out the message in the movie “3 Idiots”.

Passion increases your risk-taking ability. Risk-taking is nothing but will-power; in easy words it’s the strength of the mind. Real opportunity comes without any warning or notice and perhaps once in a life time. If you don’t capitalize at the right time then the opportunity is missed. It’s so important to distinguish and differentiate between the real one and the illusive ones. Presence of mind and quick decision at a young age helped Jackie Chan where he stands today. The role of Shah Rukh Khan in the movie Darr was original offered to some other popular artist and he refused on pretext of a negative role. Shah Rukh Khan pounced on the opportunity and played a pivotal role in the success of the movie. That was his first taste of commercial success. Looking at his ease with negative role he was offered Baazigar movie subsequently and then there was no looking back for him. What if he’d refused Darr movie then?

What about Luck factor? It is important provided you attempt at something substantial with full vigour and heart. To be there at the right place at the right time!

What about Destiny? If you talk about destiny only as a prime focal point this book is not for you. If Rahul Gandhi was my best school friend that was my destiny and ditto if my father was corporate raider. We are not discussing these types of good luck factor here

We all make mistakes in life. It would also be a boring affair if we all are perfect. Mistake makes you careful, sharp and observant. You would be looked down upon if the same mistake is repeated. Certain decisions at Apple Inc. were incorrect; they learned and today they are at the top position.

Your health, social network and love life is equally important. Indeed, life is a drama after all and reading Immortal Aryan surely would make you a desirable person..

The Chapters
1) Ravishing Miss Ghazala

2) Glorious School Days

3) Mighty Warrior

4) Lazy College Days

5) Great American Adventure

6) Aryan Family & the Roots of My Ambition

7) Land of Columbus & the Birth of RA Corporations

8) Wisdom Guru & the Incredible South Africans

9) Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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