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The Heart And The Soul of The World

In the movie 2012 directed by Ronald Emmerich starring John Cusack and Thandie Newton, Africa is the only continent on the face of earth that survives the natural calamity. That could be a coincidence and a stroke of luck but Africa’s natural history and the liveliness & enthusiasm of people is no fate or god’s gift. African people are pushing, caring, shoving, dancing, singing, laughing, sweating – this virus has influenced the travellers with a disease so forceful that they wouldn’t stop going back – most of the times defining logic and any sense.

A sprawling continent of breathtaking landscapes and diverse tribal cultures, forged over centuries; from the Dogon villages of Mali to the slopes of the majestic Kilimanjaro, to the ‘Lost Continent’ of Madgascar: feel the pulse, rise to the challenge and observe the daily rituals of the animal kingdom in the lands that gave birth to man.

To the tune of thumping reggae beats from the West African market to the honesty and warm-heartedness of the East Africans – you would be amazed. Add on the friendliness and sparkle of the South Africans and you get the finest wine in the world.

It may be disheartening, tough and defying at times yet it’s a fantastic, enlightening, overwhelming and captivating continent. We guarantee you would dream about coming back for the rest of your life.