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Welcome to our world
Palms & Soul offers authentic, rugged yet sustainable adventure from exotic local cuisine, accommodation and transportation to cherished experiences that may be life- changing. We are committed to bring you face to face with most fascinating cultures, customs and breath-taking natural wildlife. is a company that pampers and spoils the spirited and bold travellers. Ours is a visually rich website and has images that are mostly clicked by our staff. These pictures say it all.
The Heart And The Soul of The World
In the movie 2012 directed by Ronald Emmerich starring John Cusack and Thandie Newton, Africa is the only continent on the face of earth that survives the natural calamity.

Truly Incredible
We hope that this journey will fascinate and inspire you to rediscover this land: this great mosaic of colour, history, art, architecture and people.

Incredible India
India Tourism Campaign
Dynamic & energetic India is a rainbow of complexion, enterprise and antiquity. Friendly and welcoming people, traditions immersed in religion and diverse landscapes make it one of the most rewarding destinations in the world.

Feel Rejuvenated
Rejuvenation Holiday with Therapies & Massages
Palms & Soul offers a wide variety of therapies from East and West – all our practice is based on a profound respect for the individuality of our guests and for the Spirit in each, which alone is the true source of all healing.

Spiti & Sangla
Perhaps God Lives Here
Feel energized, captivated, jubilant, mesmerized and gratified at the same time.

Immortal Aryans–A Road Less Travelled
Written by Suniel
Inspiring Fiction based on the Strength of the Mind combined with Wisdom & Passion is the true Mantra for Eternal success & Happiness

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